What I teach

I started a yoga practice around 2000. After studying ballet and rhythmic gymnastics from early childhood and later branching out into other disciplines including Aerial Hoop, Floor-Barre® and Contortion training, my initial attraction to yoga was to enhance flexibility and freedom of movement.

I was very fortunate to encounter some truly inspirational teachers early on to show me that yoga is about so much more than flexibility and asana poses. My teacher Olof Kuijt, whose knowledge of asana and anatomy is beyond inspiring, encouraged me to go to New York to study with Dharma Mittra who imparts all of the traditional teachings of Yoga with true devotion, compassion and patience.

On completing my training in New York I  returned to London where I was fortunate enough to connect with Mark Kan, the first certified Dharma Yoga teacher in the UK and founder of Dharma Yoga London. Mark embodies and passes on in his teaching the same qualities of yoga he learned from Sri Dharma Mittra; those of humility, compassion, humour, selfless service and non violence.

It has always been my complete honour and privilege to share every bit of knowledge I have about yoga, anatomy, movement, alignment and dance with every single student no matter what their age or level of experience.

This practice truly is for anyone and everyone. My classes range from teaching Senior Citizens in a Community Centre to Beginners and Advanced Level Studio Classes, as well as working with professional Athlete, Cyclists and Dancers.

Yoga classes

My classes are rooted in the classical Yoga tradition with a contemporary feel. Working from the ground up by establishing a strong foundation through the application of Pada and Hasta Bandhas encourages more subtle body awareness and attention to alignment. By using the breath, our most intimate and available teacher, to ground or centre down we can find greater elongation of the spine.

In each class you will be guided though a flowing, dynamic practice which takes in standing sequences designed to strengthen the legs and stabilize the pelvis leading to greater freedom in the twists and back-bending which in turn frees up the hips and shoulder girdle for greater ease in hip openers and forward folds eventually leading to inversions.

The more I study anatomy and the vehicle that is the human body the more I appreciate the perfect and complete system that yoga provides to release tension from the body and to discover our own truth.

About Floor-Barre®

I first took a New York Floor-Barre® class in London with Master Teacher Nina Thilas-Mohs who introduced the Floor-Barre® technique to the UK and was so inspired by this gentle, highly effective, classical ballet technique that after 2 years of studying I went back to New York to certify as a teacher.

The Zena Rommett New York Floor-Barre Technique® is a highly effective, yet gentle method that combines classical ballet technique with anatomical principles of alignment. Using the floor the system is able to correct placement and strengthen muscles and joints without the pressure of gravity.

This revolutionary technique devised in the 1960’s by professional ballerina Zena Rommett has had a quiet yet steady and growing following for nearly 45 years from dancers and regular students. These classes not only help to enhance training and body conditioning, they are especially helpful for injury prevention and rehabilitation (think back and knee problems).

Rommett’s teachings, which have contributed to the development of the Pilates Method, help the body’s muscles relearn and memorize optimal alignment to the point where students can actually improve beyond their pre-injured state. The results of this focused muscle movement and awareness are remarkable, and one doesn’t have to be a dancer to benefit. All levels are welcome to try this class even those with no ballet experience. Some knowledge of ballet terms is helpful but not essential.

Private Yoga and Floor-Barre® classes

Please feel free to get in touch to discuss private Floor-Barre® or Yoga classes in your home or workspace. These can be tailored to your own specific needs and can be adjusted to address most injuries.

Although Yoga and Floor-Barre® complement and enhance each other beautifully they are two perfect and complete systems on their own and cannot be mixed.