What I teach

I have been practicing yoga since 2000 and teaching full time since 2010. Having received early training in many disciplines including ballet and rhythmic gymnastics I’ve always considered it a privilege to share every bit of knowledge I have acquired alone the way with every student no matter what their level of experience
For the last 7 years I have been practicing Iyengar yoga under the guidance of Senior Teacher Alaric Newcombe. This rigorous method with its focus on integration. embodiment and extension has radically informed my teaching and practice and my focus now is on delivering a teaching method that empowers students with the tools to sustain their practice throughout their lifespan with patience, compassion and devotion to all.
I now offer three 90 minute classes a week, via Zoom which incorporate the use of the wall and props to look at placement, proprioception, balance and breath.  All levels are welcome to attend.
The classes rotate each week. and cover:
Standing Postures
Seated Postures and Twists
Arm Balances
You will need enough wall space to place the narrow edge of your mat against. Please contact me directly if you have any questions.