Finding Connectivity in Movement Patterns

A day retreat exploring circles, spirals, and directionality in three modalities

Sunday 11th June

Siobhan Davies Studio

10.30 am – 6pm


Building from the work of the previous retreat, this time we are going deeper and further into the nuances of the connections between these three long-standing, rich, and beautiful methods and how the smallest incremental details can be both impactful and profound 

Yoga with Me will utilise a single prop – a rolled blanket to explore the directionality of the skin in the ankles and knees and how this connects the abdomen to the legs.

These subtle actions connect the intersection of the pubic bone, coccyx, and groins and increase strength and awareness of the back of the legs and the base of the glutes. 

This class will be entirely floor based 

Gyrokinesis with Kindall Payne
The second class will move from the floor to seated on stools to explore spirals and twists. This method links naturally to the continuous anatomical spiraling of the body enhancing skeletal and muscular health 

The final class with Zofia will bring everything together in a full-movement exploration set to music. Utilising all the nuance and detail of the day to step out of fixed ideas into your own unique experience of a body in flow 

We remain committed to the integrity of what we teach and our original intention when we conceived this idea – that all movement is valid, connected, and open to ALL, and that the exploration of one opens doors to another without elevating any one technique above another 

Please feel free to come and explore this work with us. It is our great joy and privilege to share everything we have learned through our decades of exploring.

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