The Root Of It All – A Hip Releasing Workshop

Saturday April 7th
Indaba Yoga, Marylebone
A Hip releasing workshop
Tight hips are a common source of frustration for many yoga practitioners but the root of the stiffness  can often be traced to stiffness of the ankles and loose knee joints  leading to tighter quads and hip flexors.
This workshop will focus on releasing deep inside the body starting with opening the feet, toes and ankles and strengthening the knees before moving into some deep passive work to release the roots of the thighs, the psoas and hip flexors
Using a wide range of props and drills we will look at internal and external rotation of the hip joints and how they can be employed in a range of standing and seated postures to improve form and stability.
We will also work towards half and full padmasana (lotus) and aka pada sirsana (leg behind the head)
All levels welcome