10th August 2014 – Power and Flexibility Combined – Achieving Hanumanasana and Samokanasana



My next workshop will be focusing on Front and Side Splits known in Sanskrit as Hanumanasana and Samokanasana. These iconic poses are revered in Yoga for their combination of Flexibility and Strength – In this workshop I aim to break them down into digestible components so that something that may have seemed daunting and out of reach becomes possible and maybe even effortless..

Sunday, August 10th 1.30-4.30pm

£35 for 3 hours (£30 before July 13th)
Here is the link to book (you will need to scroll down to August to find the workshop link)

with Nathalie Mukusheva

Go beyond what you think is possible.

Both of these poses require tremendous will power, patience and surrender, unwavering strength and refined sensitivity. In both asanas the presence of gravity lends itself to the pose: the weight of the body itself deepens the actions, however the body is not just passively releasing into gravity.

Over three hours  we will work slowly, deeply and with close attention and props to lengthen muscles and mobilize joints – micro movements can safely distribute the force and stabilize you in the pose.

This workshop is for all levels from the super flexy to the super stiff. Achieving splits is not Instant karma; when the work is done in a gradual way great progress can be made.

Yoga Retreat in Italy at InSabina (near Rome Italy) 17th -24th August 2013

Join me for a week long yoga and meditation retreat in Italy at gorgeous Insabina from the 17th -24th August.

LOCATION: Sabina is a perfect location for a tranquil and restful Yoga retreat in Italy. In addition to the yoga practice you can also explore the countryside and the immediate surrounding area is exquisite and ideal for walking. A winding country road leads from the property to the charming medieval town of Torri in Sabina three kilometres away. Or you can relax by the pool and take in the fantastic views. The property consists of two 17th century stone buildings on 4 acres of land with an outdoor swimming pool.

The property is in the heart of the Sabine Hills, just north of Rome near Umbria, set amidst olive groves, woodlands and a rolling landscape. The surrounding area is unspoilt farmland and the house and grounds are peaceful and quiet.
The grounds comprise seven lush acres with a natural spring, pond, gardens and outdoor swimming pool.




Each day there will be morning and evening two-hour flowing yoga session including pranayama, meditation and asana.  Within the grounds next to the olive groves there is a gorgeous and spacious open air yoga platform with stunning & panoramic views of the rolling landscape. The setting is quiet, rustic and an ideal place for tranquil practice.  This week will give students the opportunity to practice yoga in an environment which is calm and relaxing. each individual will have the opportunity to practice at his/hers own level, making the week suitable for students of different abilities and those who may have practiced other yoga disciplines. Please note: although all level of experience is welcome, this retreat is not for absolute beginners.

MEALS: The meals are vegetarian and special diets can be accommodated if required and ordered in advance. Before the morning yoga practice teas, fruit and juices will be available, there is an area near the pool where to make tea at anytime. Light breakfast lunch & supper will be served alfresco using fresh local ingredients and produce.

ACCOMMODATION: All the rooms are beautifully designed in a natural and simple style, in a combination of modern and old. Yurts within the grounds are also available for a reduced fee. There will be a maximum of 15 people on the retreat, Triple, double and single accomodation are available.Image

COST per person and payment:

Yurt shared
£550 per person

Yurt single

£600 per person
Triple room*

£700 per person

Double room

£750 per person

Single room

* please note that triple room price apply only if the room is filled with three persons or twin room price will be applied.

There are only 4 en suite and rooms are assigned on first come first served.

The price includes: all yoga, three meals/day and accommodations.

The price excludes: travel, insurance & transfers and one evening meal out at a restaurant and transport to and from, massage and other therapies. Booking: A non refundable deposit of £320 for shared occupancy and £420 for single occupancy is required to book your space, the remainder of the cost of the holiday is due on 5th July  Refunds for cancellations are at our discretion.  

Please email shemovesme77@gmail.com for booking form.

Note: PayPal also accepted. Paypal fee will be charged.`

GETTING THERE: In Sabina is within easy access of Rome and its airports. It is approximately one hour from the centre of the city (by car or train) and around 1.5 hours drive from both airports.

Transport to and from Insabina can be arranged via Train and Taxi or Airport Pick Up.

Arrivals and departures Arrival time on Saturday is after 4.30pm and departure time is by 10.00am (or the 9.40 train) on the following Saturday. 


Nathalie Mukuesheva is a fully certified/ RYT full time Yoga and Floor-Barre teacher based in London. She teaches regular yoga classes and workshops at many top studios in London including Alchemy Centre, Yoga Place E2, L!fe Shoreditch and H2 Soho and is a guest yoga teacher for Chaya Yoga Retreats both in the UK and abroad. She is the featured Teacher of the Month in Yoga Magazine UK’s June issue.


Hamstrings workshop: 17 March 2013

Hamstrings workshop with Nathalie at Yoga Place E2

Sunday 17 March 2013, 2-5pm 

Hamstrings are a common source of frustration for many yoga practitioners. In this workshop the focus will be on why the hamstrings are so important to a fulfilling yoga practice and exploring tips and tricks for healthy hamstring stretches.

The hamstrings are intimately connected to the health of the lower back and pelvis. Many back injuries and lower back pain issues are directly related to the hamstrings. Also, sometimes the way practitioners stretch the hamstrings, particularly in forward folds causes injury to the connective tissue in the lower back.

We will explore in depth specific actions in yoga poses that will help make more progress in elongating and lengthening the hamstrings, leading to greater ease in forward folds and helping to ease back pain.

Tension in the lower body, particularly the soles of the feet, the calves and the hamstrings translates up the whole body. Tension in the hamstrings or lower legs tends to cause tension in the lower back and the neck and even tension around the head that is related to tension headaches. So stretching the hamstrings is not just for the benefit of the legs, it’s really for the benefit of the whole body.

In this 3 hour workshop we will cover anatomy, alignment and explore a range of asanas designed to strengthen and lengthen the hamstrings. Open to all levels of practitioners, this workshop will particularly benefit those who feel tight hamstrings hamper their practice and those who have hyper extension in the legs.

£30 (£25 concessions)

Click here to book http://www.yogaplace.co.uk/event/healthy-hamstrings-bending-forward/

Chaya Yoga Retreats DETOX Retreat: March 2013

22-24 March 2013

Nathalie will be the guest yoga teacher on Chaya Yoga Retreats DETOX Retreat featuring Satvic Energy Healing. The retreat takes place 22-24 March in Kent.

Enjoy the ultimate ‘Spring Clean’ will this truly holistic detox retreat. Alongside twice daily yoga classes and a menu of incredibly healing and delicious food, guests will also enjoy a personalized Satvik healing session.

Satvik is Sanskrit for ‘balance’ and this therapy draws on ancient Chinese medicine techniques to help clear the blocks in your body that create tiredness, ‘stuckness’, and lack of energy.