States of Transformation through Asana and Beyond

This course is open to anyone but is ideal for teachers, intermediate students looking to explore beyond shape and form, or anyone looking to find more purpose in their practice.

Four Thursdays 7pm-8.30pm March 10th, 17th, 24th, and 31st. £60

Yoga on the Lane, 105 Shacklewell Lane, E8 2EB

This four-week course is an ideal foundation for slowing down. Utilising longer holds, props, and explicitly detailed instruction as opportunities to study lines of connections within the postures to awaken the body’s intelligence as opposed to forcing it into a pre-conceived idea of a shape. 

Yoga begins as a study of a subject and an art form, but it has the potential; to be so much more if we remain curious and open. The postures are containers, not solutions, but there are opportunities to study ourselves, our tendencies, patterns, beliefs, and fixed ideas within them. If we want to bring about lasting change and transformation, we need to see clearly what is in front of us and behind us.

Each posture, from the most simple to the most advanced, can bring about a state of deep relaxation if we can integrate the body, mind, and breathing; this is where the notion of practice comes into play. Connecting, seeing, sensing, assessing the conditions on one’s own to understand what should be done, beyond considerations of comfort, pain/pleasure, or impulse.

Week One

Standing Postures and Balances

The feet have lines of connectivity from the inner heel to the big toe. 

Turning out from the hip to protect the knee and strengthen the ankle

Holding from the muscle of the outer hip and buttock as opposed to the groin and quadricep

Working the legs asymmetrically to find balance in the pelvis and sacrum

Week Two

Backbends and Twists

Lines of connectivity from the shoulder to the wrist.

Integrating the lower ribs and lumbar to find more extension from the sternum to the throat

Lengthening the trapezius and inner shoulder by relaxing and centering the eyeballs

Week Three

Forwards Folds

Lines of connectivity from the buttock bones (ischial tuberosities) to the heel bones

Unlocking the knee to move the thigh bone back faster than the knee or calf

Spreading the back of the body and the back of the waist to integrate the lower abdomen.

Week four

Lines of connectivity in the face to ‘see; the back of the body in inversions

Reversing the flow of awareness but holding from the strength of the outer body in headstand, handstand, and forearm balance.

This course is open to anyone but is ideal for teachers, intermediate students looking to explore beyond shape and form, or anyone looking to find more purpose in their practice.

Four Thursdays 7pm-8.30pm March 10th, 17th, 24th, and 31st. £60

Healthy Hamstrings and Forward Folds Kindred Yoga – Sunday 23rd Feb 2020

IMG_6226Tight hamstrings can be a common source of frustration for many yoga practitioners. This workshop will take an in-depth look at how tight hamstrings can be incorporated into a fulfilling yoga practice and explore the use of props for healthy stretches and drills to safely increase length and mobility, including the ankles and feet – often the source of stiffness

Open to anyone, this workshop will be particularly beneficial to those who feel tight hamstrings hold them back or people with hyper-extended knees

Anatomy and placement are not a set of rigid rules to be imposed regardless of personal idiosyncrasies and body types. Good technique is a foundation to work from to explore your own experience in postures, including how you enter and exit them. That’s where intelligence and skilfulness come in to play to develop longevity and efficiency.

Lets Run Away Together – Yoga Retreat in Sweden, July 23rd-28th 2019


I am delighted to return to Shambala for the third time to teach another retreat in this beautiful community and location, a former forestry school on the edge of a lake deep in the heart of the forest.

Retreat Description

This six-day retreat is an opportunity to immerse yourself in the study of classical yoga under the guidance of an experienced and dedicated teacher.

There will be a maximum of 15 people on this retreat giving you a boutique experience with the opportunity for personal attention to work on different aspects of your practice.

The morning sessions will be a grounding practice, including detailed pranayama and breath work, specifically looking at how the breath can be incorporated into asana practice for a more embodied experience.

The evening sessions will be workshops working sequentially through standing postures, twists, forward folds, and seated poses, backbends, inversions and finally long held restorative postures utilizing props.



In addition to the yoga sessions, you can choose to be as active or relaxed as you wish. There are two saunas for use in the evenings, the lake is delightful for swimming, there are rowing boats free of charge and an art studio and library.

Available treatments include craniosacral therapy and deep tissue massage.

One evening will include a Kirtan (devotional chanting) session.


 £650 for shared accommodation

 £850 for single accommodation –

NB: There are only 2 single rooms available.

This includes accommodations, three vegetarian meals a day, unlimited use of the sauna and all yoga sessions.

Not included – flights to and from Stockholm, travel to and from the train station, massage treatments.

A deposit of £200 for shared accommodation and £300 for single accommodation holds your place with the balance payable a month before the retreat. NB: The deposit is non- refundable 3 months prior to the retreat.

For a booking form please email
All rooms share communal bathrooms and showers. In an effort to be more ecological Shambhala ask that guests bring their own sheets and towels, if this is not convenient they can be rented at a cost of £15 for the stay.

Standing Poses to Splits – Anatomy Workshop at Indaba Yoga, Sunday 3rd Feb 1.30-4.30pm


4 Week Beginners Yoga Course


Dates~: January 29th, Feb 5th, 12th, and 19th

Created with those brand new to yoga in mind, this four-week course is the perfect introduction to a regular yoga practice
Every week new principles and postures of yoga will be integrated with the use of props so each student will learn how to modify the postures to their own unique anatomy.
The course is designed to teach each student how to feel stable in their body and from that place to begin to explore mobility, improve range of motion, build strength and explore conscious breathing.  Asking questions is encouraged in this unique environment!
Nathalie’s approach to teaching is about refinement, precision, and grace. She has a keen eye for detail and a thorough knowledge of anatomy and has a lot of experience working with a wide range of injuries and bodies. Her focus is on delivering a teaching method that empowers students with the tools to sustain their practice throughout their lifespan with patience, compassion, and devotion to all.

Yoga Retreat in Portugal 4th-9th September 2018

IMG_3459This yoga retreat is open to everyone but is an ideal for people who are looking to get away to work on a creative or academic or work project alongside but not necessarily with others in a supportive environment.


There will be two yoga sessions a day – the morning session will include an hour of pranayama with a specific focus on how the breath can be integrated into different asanas for a more embodied experience and some restorative supported asanas again to explore breath and asana for meditation.


The evening sessions will be workshops looking at standing postures, seated twists and forward folds, backbends and inversions.


The yoga practice will help to develop and improve  study mode which is a very grounded way of working and will help to improve concentration, creativity and objectivity.

The Venue

The Beekeepers has been set up by London based artists Tom Leamon and Jennifer MT White and Portuguese artist Pedro Leitao.

 The Beekeepers was born from a desire to create a more intimate working relationship with nature. By consolidating their diverse skills in the arts, education and construction they are creating alternative outdoor studio spaces that are embedded within the landscape.

The Beekeepers seek to provide the tools and working environment to enable you to experience a new creative home. The land is scattered with multi functional decks serving as platforms to any artistic and therapeutic needs. Furniture is positioned in nature, you may find a hammock, armchair or writing desk as you walk the land


Accommodation and Facilities

There are two houses on the property Casa Azul a traditional Portuguese farm house and Phaedra a self sufficient art space. The property also has a swimming pool and the farm borders a salt water nature reserve hosting an impressive variety of wildlife, flora and fauna. There are two beaches within 5 km of the property.




£500 for shared accommodation and shared bathroom

£700 for single accommodation with shared bathroom

NB: There are only 3 single rooms available on the retreat.

This includes 5 nights accommodation, all yoga classes, 3 meals a day, tea and coffee, all towels and linen and full use of the land and all its facilities.

The property has wi fi.

A deposit of £100 holds your place on the retreat with the full balance payable a month before the retreat.


Not included

Flights and transfers and any wine or alcohol which is available for purchase

Optional extras which can be added include

Bike tours
Pub Quiz! with prizes
Walking with Pedro Leitao
Painting workshop with Tom Leamon
Treasure Hunt (arts based)
Pool party
Bird watching with local expert
Farm tours
Building at the Beekeepers – try out some of the methods we used to create Phaedra, including building with straw bales, cobbing and decking.

Getting there

Faro airport is just 40 minutes drive away with Seville being the next nearest, at approximately 11⁄2 hours drive.

The property is less than 10 minutes walk from Castro Marim train station, which has regular trains connecting to Faro and neighbouring towns. Pick ups with luggage can be arranged from the train station.


For more information or to request a booking form please contact me at




Anatomy and Asana Workshop – Yogarise Peckham June 16th 2018 2-4pm £25


The Centre Will Not Hold You

This workshop is designed to bring clarity and awareness to which specific muscle groups to employ  and which to relax in asanas.

If we are not stable on our legs the tendency is to grip the abdomen and tighten the throat to hold ourselves up which limits breathing and over time creates chronic tension in the guts and can weaken joints.

This workshop will include a range of drills (also known as exercise) to wake up muscles that are often under utilised – the ankles, outer hips/glutes, wrists and shoulders. We will then examine restorative postures to relax the inner thighs /groins, abdomen and throat.

Finally we will look at how to integrate both these actions in simple postures and how this relates to more advanced variations over time.

Open to all Levels

Contact Yogarise directly to book a place.

Lets Run Away Together – Yoga Retreat in the Dordogne Valley, France. 12th-16th May 2018

Join me on a 5 day yoga retreat in this breathtaking location in the South of France.


Chateau de Bardouly is a charming 17th-century country estate in Southwest France. Its meticulously maintained residence and park are the essence of stillness and seclusion. The grounds include a heated swimming pool, hard-surface tennis court and 100 acres of protected woodlands.


The weather could not be more ideal: from the end of April until the end of October the area averages less than five days of rain per month. Temperatures range from 18-29 degrees Celsius.

The yoga sessions will take place in the fully equipped, professionally built yoga studio.
These will be workshop based focusing on anatomy, alignment and technique for safe stable asana practice incorporating standing and seated postures, backbends and inversions.
All levels are welcome but to get the most out of the yoga sessions it is recommended that you have been practicing regularly for at least one year.
The retreat has a maximum of 14 participants giving you a boutique experience with a lot of personal attention from an experienced and dedicated teacher.

Each room includes high thread-count Eygptian cotton linens, clock, wireless speaker, armoire, chest of drawers, writing desk and comfy chairs for reading. All bathrooms are fitted with blow dryers, high quality bath towels and luxury soap. Pool towels are also provided.


Included in the cost is a buffet breakfast, 2 course plated lunch and 3 course plated dinner with a selection of teas and coffees available throughout the day.
Locally sourced wines are available on request.

£675 for shared accommodation – twin and double rooms available
£875 for single accommodation.
£1100 – A suite with super king side bed, seating area and ensuite bathroom – Can be booked as a single or double occupancy.

Not included
Flights to and from local airport Bergerac
Daily flights leavefrom Stansted on Ryanair at 12.15

Transfers to and from Bardouly
A coach can be arranged for the group for approx 20 Euros
On the last day there is an option for the coach to take us to the local market town to have lunch before being dropped at the airport

Any massage treatments – a list of treatments will be provided in advance

Optional extras
Wine tasting with a local expert sommelier of local wines for 10 Euros pp.
Sunday excursion after yoga to the medieval moated town of Issigeac which has an open market.

To request a booking form contact

Anatomy of Backbends – Meet Me In The Middle

Friday March 9th
1-.30-4.30pm at Indaba Yoga, Marylebone
This workshop will take a look at the role of the midsection in backbends – the back of the rib cage, the kidneys and the waist.
The tendency to overwork the lumbar in backbends is very common and can be addressed partially by strengthening the ankles and the knees and lengthening the hip flexors by releasing the inner groins back rather than forward.
Then you can start to work the shoulders and upper chest safely to find more length and ease in backbends. However to access the full range of motion in the shoulders and the full range of breath the midsection needs to be fully integrated into the process.
Using a wide range of props and drills this workshop will explore specific techniques to lengthen the side waists and keep the kidneys lifted to avoid the collapsing forward of the abdomen.
These techniques can also be employed to improve standing and seated postures so this workshop will benefit your whole practice.

Lets Run Away Together Yoga Retreat in Sicily July 15th-22nd 2017


Escape this summer to the beautiful island of Sicily for a week long yoga and meditation retreat.

La Masseria is a 19th Century farmhouse situated in the luscious natural landscape of southeastern Sicily surrounded by the breathtaking Mediterranean Sea.

On a country lane away from noise and neighbours, it’s just 10 minutes south from the unspoilt World Heritage town of Noto – one of Italy’s most beautiful historic centres.


A 10-minute drive east is the Nature Reserve of Vendicari, a heaven of wildlife and some of the island’s most beautiful and deserted golden-sand beaches.

The farmhouse consists of four apartments with a mix of double and single accomodation, a fresh water outdoor pool, three patios to eat or simply relax, and a stunning sunset terrace.


Yoga sessions will take place twice daily indoors.
Morning sessions will be classical hatha yoga incorporating pranayama, meditation and asana to ground you and set you up for the day.

Evening classes will be detailed asana clinics taking in all aspects of the practice from standing postures, seated poses incorporating twists, backbends, forward folds and ending with inversions.

All levels of practioners are welcome although to get the most out of the retreat its is recommended that you have been been practicing regularly for a minumum of two years.

Price – £750 for shared accomodation including shared bathroom.

£850 – shared accomodation with private ensuite bathroom.
NB – This can be twin or double on request.

£950 – Single room with shared bathroom

£1100 – Single room with private ensuite bathroom.

This includes 6 nights , 7 days accomodation, twice daily yoga classes, three organic meals a day prepared on site using fresh local produce (sample menu available on request) with vegan, vegetarian and pescetarian options available, tea and coffee all day, organic soaps in the bathroom and towels for the pool.

Not included – Flghts to and from Catania and transfers to the retreat, any massage treatments and any optional excusions which can include the following:

Noto – A Sicilian Baroque town built in the wake of a 17th century earthquake.
Vendicari Nature Reserve
Mount Etna – the chance to hike Europes largest active volcano.

For more info or to request a booking form please contact me on