Healthy Hamstrings and Forward Folds Kindred Yoga – Sunday 23rd Feb 2020

IMG_6226Tight hamstrings can be a common source of frustration for many yoga practitioners. This workshop will take an in-depth look at how tight hamstrings can be incorporated into a fulfilling yoga practice and explore the use of props for healthy stretches and drills to safely increase length and mobility, including the ankles and feet – often the source of stiffness

Open to anyone, this workshop will be particularly beneficial to those who feel tight hamstrings hold them back or people with hyper-extended knees

Anatomy and placement are not a set of rigid rules to be imposed regardless of personal idiosyncrasies and body types. Good technique is a foundation to work from to explore your own experience in postures, including how you enter and exit them. That’s where intelligence and skilfulness come in to play to develop longevity and efficiency.

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