Anatomy and Asana Workshop – Yogarise Peckham June 16th 2018 2-4pm £25


The Centre Will Not Hold You

This workshop is designed to bring clarity and awareness to which specific muscle groups to employ  and which to relax in asanas.

If we are not stable on our legs the tendency is to grip the abdomen and tighten the throat to hold ourselves up which limits breathing and over time creates chronic tension in the guts and can weaken joints.

This workshop will include a range of drills (also known as exercise) to wake up muscles that are often under utilised – the ankles, outer hips/glutes, wrists and shoulders. We will then examine restorative postures to relax the inner thighs /groins, abdomen and throat.

Finally we will look at how to integrate both these actions in simple postures and how this relates to more advanced variations over time.

Open to all Levels

Contact Yogarise directly to book a place.

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