Anatomy of Backbends – Meet Me In The Middle

Friday March 9th
1-.30-4.30pm at Indaba Yoga, Marylebone
This workshop will take a look at the role of the midsection in backbends – the back of the rib cage, the kidneys and the waist.
The tendency to overwork the lumbar in backbends is very common and can be addressed partially by strengthening the ankles and the knees and lengthening the hip flexors by releasing the inner groins back rather than forward.
Then you can start to work the shoulders and upper chest safely to find more length and ease in backbends. However to access the full range of motion in the shoulders and the full range of breath the midsection needs to be fully integrated into the process.
Using a wide range of props and drills this workshop will explore specific techniques to lengthen the side waists and keep the kidneys lifted to avoid the collapsing forward of the abdomen.
These techniques can also be employed to improve standing and seated postures so this workshop will benefit your whole practice.

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