Back to Basics – The Anatomy of Standing Poses and Standing Balances

Yoga Workshop at Yogarise Peckham

Saturday February 12th 2017



Nothing lasting s built on a shaky foundation. Before we can start to think about standing on our hands we need to learn how to stand on or feet. In many classical yoga traditions simple standing poses are considered a starting point for asana practice starting with the most simple of them all tadasana or mountain pose.

This workshop will take you right back to the basics of standing poses.Working with gravity rather than against it, you will explore the concept of rooting – through the application of Pada bandha (foot lock), the skeletal structure of the pelvis and the pelvis as the centre of gravity, power and movement (the hara).

This workshop is open to all levels of students, the techniques we will cover can be applied to all aspects of the practice; Expect to leave with a greater sense of stability and freedom of movement that can be applied to all actions making you feel more fluid, graceful and harmonious.

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