10th August 2014 – Power and Flexibility Combined – Achieving Hanumanasana and Samokanasana



My next workshop will be focusing on Front and Side Splits known in Sanskrit as Hanumanasana and Samokanasana. These iconic poses are revered in Yoga for their combination of Flexibility and Strength – In this workshop I aim to break them down into digestible components so that something that may have seemed daunting and out of reach becomes possible and maybe even effortless..

Sunday, August 10th 1.30-4.30pm

£35 for 3 hours (£30 before July 13th)
Here is the link to book (you will need to scroll down to August to find the workshop link)

with Nathalie Mukusheva

Go beyond what you think is possible.

Both of these poses require tremendous will power, patience and surrender, unwavering strength and refined sensitivity. In both asanas the presence of gravity lends itself to the pose: the weight of the body itself deepens the actions, however the body is not just passively releasing into gravity.

Over three hours  we will work slowly, deeply and with close attention and props to lengthen muscles and mobilize joints – micro movements can safely distribute the force and stabilize you in the pose.

This workshop is for all levels from the super flexy to the super stiff. Achieving splits is not Instant karma; when the work is done in a gradual way great progress can be made.

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